We are thrilled to be launching our website and blog after months of developing our concept, testing recipes and creating visual designs. The response from friends and first time customers has been amazing- and as word of mouth has built over the months, the phone keeps ringing with orders and inquiries from people who know people who have tasted or seen some of our creations at a party or Pop-Up Store or corporate event.

Baking for others has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. My first business, at the age of 12, was called Cakering Service – I would bake and deliver birthday cakes to friends and neighbors.

They were simple cakes – I offered 4 designs – a bear, a bunny, a boat and a rocket. Over the years while working in advertising, marketing and licensing by day, I became more adventurous with both my designs and flavors by night. And so in many ways everything up to now has led to this.

Welcome to MODERN BITE.  Join us on our adventure as we continue creating this business from scratch.

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