Fresh Flower Cake

Last weekend we took a diversion from our usual palette of modern graphic design and ventured into the realm of the floral, with a custom fresh flower cake for an 80th birthday celebration.

The cake was designed to serve 85 – a two tiered chocolate cake with fresh flowers.

Cake designs - pencil sketch


The day started early at the downtown L.A. flower market, searching for inspiration in variety, color and form.  We settled on Cymbidiums, purple Cala Lilies, deep violet Fiddle Head Sprouts, white Button Mums and chartreuse Spider Mums.

There’s nothing like the exciting challenge of creating a custom cake – especially a design or medium that takes you to new territory.

Two tiered chocolate cake with fresh flowers

Two tiered chocolate cake with fresh flowers

The scent of dark chocolate and fresh flowers filled the air as we were decorating the cake.  And what’s most important, the birthday girl was thrilled with her cake!

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